A Study in Glamour, a World Problem – theoretically and practically

Schilderij Liesbeth
Transformatie – Liesbeth Schram

On our website you will find a lot of information and knowledge about The New Psychology. The starting point is that everything is energy and that the soul is the center or basis of life. To be able to express this soul-energy we must become aware from the fact that glamour is around us and that we are immersed in it.

Glamour is like a mist and preventing us to see clearly. It can be compared with the peelings from an onion. When it is peeled, nothing remains, only the soul as an all-embracing and loving energy.

Old patterns
It is very difficult to give up old habits and patterns (glamour) and this is causing tensions and conflict as well in ourselves as in the world. As we are now in a transition period, we can see how the new incoming energies from the 7th ray and from the Aquarius era collide with the old ways of thinking and structures based in the Pisces era and the energies from the 6th ray. It is a battle or conflict between the forces of the old crystallizing patterns (like religion, emphasis on making profits etc.) and developments which are being stimulated by the new energies, focused on working together as one humanity and sharing more the resources from the Earth.

For most people the old patterns and influences are still strong, without knowing how it is affecting them in their ways of thinking and behaving. And these ways of thinking are being carried over from parents on their children. Old habits and characteristics like pride, selfishness, manipulation, criticism and self-interest have to be transmuted with the light of the soul. Therefor unity with the soul is needed and is building a bridge to the intuition necessary. To get or receive a fully transparent image of the information from the soul, we need to become conscious from the glamour’s and let them go.


Besides the given theoretical knowledge we offer the possibility to work practically with the materials. By means of self-investigation you will learn to recognize your specific own glamour’s and to get a grip on “misleading” thoughts or feelings.

Procedure or method of working
Your questions form the essence of the procedure. We offer guidance or coaching when asked for. Your dreams, self-reflection’s, exercises and/or suggestions from a coach support your learning process and are the guidelines for your studies. The coaches have worked in this way already for many years and are experienced with this procedure.

Meditation (to establish contact or connection with the soul) can be part of the support. This is possible, but only under supervision from a coach.

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A very good and easy readable introduction on the book Glamour, a World Problem from Alice Bailey was written by Michal Eastcott and Nancy Magor.

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