The Secret behind the Orange and the Onion

KAREN BAUER: The Secret behind the Orange and the Onion
The symbolism behind the title

The secret refers to a process of awakening of the soul through the personality. It is a path of becoming gradually more aware of yourself and your place within the cosmic physical plane.

From an esoteric point of view, the concept of reality expresses the meaning of inclusiveness provided by the soul, through the personality on the physical plane. According to the Larousse encyclopaedia reality means: substantial existing reality. In general, and in everyday life, reality refers to the tangible and the actual.

From an esoteric point of view, this means that the soul will express itself through the fully integrated personality. This person will manifest another expression of reality. To get an idea from this, I will give two historical examples: Jesus from Nazareth and Leonardo da Vinci. Both men had dedicated their lives to service in the world. The way was long for them and full of obstacles and for our purpose we must also follow this path to realization.

As mankind our personality is misled by an untrue image of that reality. At the same time this is a learning process for humanity on earth. This process will begin when one is ready to ask themselves questions like: why am I here on earth; where am I coming from and what is my purpose?

In the new psychology, knowledge from the language of symbols is essential and that is the reason why we have chosen the subtitle: The Secret behind the Orange and the Onion.

In daily life we are led by positive and negative aspects. I.e. ambition and/or aspiration are seen as good qualities in normal circumstances and a necessity to reach the top! From an esoteric perspective this is a glamour. Why? From the perspective of the soul service and responsibility are its main features. Ambition or aspiration are products of the personality to serve one´s own interests. But it is also a phase in becoming more aware. At a certain point in time, a person will be confronted with the aspect of self-interest and its dangers will become clear. Glamour is always a result of one´s own ambition or selfishness, which is deeply hidden in men’s sub-consciousness.

One way to learn about symbols is to analyse dreams. Dreams can contain messages from the soul, as well as glamours, and these messages will be expressed in symbols. When you learn to make distinctions between these two planes, you are improving differentiation-skills; and then you are able to unveil your own glamours.

The Soul is represented by the orange or the sun.

The soul is invisible and cannot be touched, but one can imagine an image from an orange or the sun. We know that the orange is full of vitamin C and gives you energy. The Soul is energy and consciousness. At the same time, the soul in an abstract way, can be shown as a geometrical form, a circle.

The Personality is represented by the onion or glamours.

The skin of an onion is glassy and sometimes it can be peeled easily and sometimes with difficulty. It has no kernel or pith and represents the personality with its’ glamours or deceits. The skin or translucent layers represent the glamours.

Suggestion: a book with dream symbols can give support. Also, personal associations can be helpful.