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Our Aim

The TAN ACADEMY aims to introduce a different way of thinking. We assume that the soul is the source of information and the mental plane is the executive vehicle (according to the New Psychology). The TAN ACADEMY offers the opportunity to those who are interested, individually or as a group, to study the Constitution of Man in a spiritual, educational, psychological, medical or a general scientific way. We think that this will not only offer a better understanding but also insight in human evolution and in questions such as: where are we coming from and what is our purpose of our life?


There are no conditions or requirements regarding your former education but necessary is a certain interest in spiritual development and the willingness to obtain insights in the self, in others and in the meaning of existence.

We offer

  1. Information for a larger public
  2. Self-study with the possibility to receive personal coaching.

Our motive

As a working group, after thirty years of experience, theoretically and practically, we have realized how deeply this information has enriched our lives. We want to share this experience and make it accessible for a larger public. In our modern time, this ancient wisdom certainly implies a new way of thinking. It is not easy to turn away from old fixed thinking patterns. But in our opinion it will be gratifying to have an open mind for this new psychology. Theoretical knowledge is important but it will only be effective when it is used in a practical manner.


The TanAcademy is an initiative of the Maastricht based working group TAN, affiliated to World Good Will.
We want to share our knowledge and experience in this field with those who are interested. The study materials are free of charge as long as they are not protected by any form of copy right.