Leoni Mckinnon Hodgson

The attached booklet Five Cities – Five World Chakras, published here with permission of the author, is a study of Leoni Hodgson in 2009. Based on the work of Bailey, it connects the five (known) centers in the world to the five chakras and five of the seven Rays.

Also from her hand is a brief treatise of Autism – an Esoteric Perspective in an adaptation from 2014. There is much ado about autism as a dissociative disorder, but the underlying causes to be found on spiritual terrain received hardly any research. This article is a first attempt.

Leoni Hodgson

Leoni Hodgson is affiliated with the University of the Seven Rays, the Morya Federation Schools of Meditation and the Brisbane Goodwill Esoteric School. She has more than 25 years of experience in the study and teaching of disciplines such as Psychology and Esoteric Astrology, Raya Yoga and Esoteric Healing.
Other publications of her hand are Journey of the School, OM and Union through Astrology.