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Nevels – begoochelingen

‘Glamour’ (delusion) …

… Is much more than a word to describe Hollywood stars. Alice Bailey used it in this book to refer to a fraudulent misrepresentation of reality itself. Glamour, a world problem gives an apt description of how glamor or fame misleads people, how they will be confused and alienated from themselves and how fame contributes to many problems in the world. Bailey, however, shows how you can escape from it, how you can distance from the threatening influence of fame and how you learn to be constantly aware of this threat. This book perfectly matches those who want to step out of the misty world of fame and glamor, and who want to leave behind chaos and misconceptions that fame brings with it and who wish to take the path to a pure and honest life.

The book Glamour, a World Problem of Alice Bailey has been published by Lucis Trust.
An online-version of the book is here to be found.

A very accessible introduction to and summary of the book Glamour, a World Problem was published by Sundial House as the third part of the course of the Meditation Group for the New Age.

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