Spread throughout the site are terms used that do not always belong to everyday speech or whose meaning is not experienced by everyone in the same way. To avoid misunderstandings, you will find the meanings of these words and expressions with their explanation as they are referred to here.

Ajna Center

Energy center (chakra) between the eyebrows.

The physical counterpart is the pituitary gland.

Ancient wisdom

Age-old set of spiritual teachings which are the source of the arts, religions and scientific achievements of countless civilizations sprouted. In modern times the first time made accessible to a wider audience. In the 19th century by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and in the 20th century by Alice A. Bailey, Helena Roerich, Benjamin Creme et al.


Building a bridge of light between the lower mind, the soul and the higher mind so that the illumination of the personality becomes possible.


Existence level.


Constellation which the astronomical era is now called is about to begin:

(“Modern Times” or “New Age”), and will last about 2350 years. Also, the esoteric symbol of the Water Bearer, the era of The Christ and the spiritual energy of Aquarius, whose synthesis and brotherhood are the hallmarks.


A group of a Master. The Spiritual Hierarchy consists of seven main and 42 smaller Ashrams. Each represents one of the seven rays (energies) headed by a Master of Wisdom.

Astral body

The emotional vehicle of the human being.

Astral plane

The field of emotions and its opposites: hope and fear, sentimental love and hate, happiness and suffering. The field of illusions.


Universal Soul or Higher Mind, loving understanding, love – wisdom.

Buddhic plane

The area of the intuition.


Centers (vortices) of energy in the etheric body which communicate with the spine and the seven most important endocrine glands.

Causal Body

The soul in the causal region and vehicle of the Monad. The place where the essence of learning is saved from all lives in the three permanent atoms.

The Christ

The Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy

Christ Consciousness

Energy of the Cosmic Christ, also known as Christ Principle. This energy that is embodied for us by Christ, awakens currently in the hearts of millions of people around the world. The energy of evolution itself.


Angel or celestial being coming from a natural realm and evolving parallel to humanity, ranging from sub-human elementals to super-human beings similar to a planetary logos. They are the “active builders” working intelligently with substance to create all the forms we see, including the mental, emotional and physical bodies of man.


From the esoteric point of view the entire universe reveals nothing but energy at different levels of vibration. The vibration level (frequency) determines the form of energy. Energy can be manipulated and controlled by thought.


World Cycle of about 2150 years, depending on the relationship between the earth, the sun and the signs of the zodiac (See also: ‘Aquarius’).


The doctrine gathered through the ages about the evolution of consciousness in the human realm and into the underlying kingdoms. Provides a systematic and comprehensive account of the energetic structure of the universe and the place of humans within it. Description of the forces and influences that lie behind the world of appearances. (eq. Occult)

Ethereal areas

Four planes of matter finer than gas yet invisible to most people.

Etheric body

Energetic counterpart of the physical body, consisting of 7 major and 42 minor chakras (energy centers), which together form an energy network of all the centers and the infinitesimal power wires (nadis) that underlie every part of the nervous system. Blockages in the etheric body can cause organic disorders.


Anything that hinders the evolutionary development.


Process by which the substance is spiritualized; the way back to the source. The shedding of the veils of glamour and illusion, which ultimately leads to cosmic consciousness.

Forces of Darkness (evil, materiality)

Involutionary or materialistic forces which maintain the matter side of the planet. If these forces overshoot their target and gain influence on the spiritual development of humanity, they are referred to as “evil” or the Antichrist.

Forces of Light (of evolution)

The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. The Planetary center of Love – Wisdom.

Physical area

The form that energy takes on the lowest vibration levels: gross, liquid, gaseous and etheric matter.


An illusion on the astral plane. The situation whereby the mind is veiled by emotional impulses from the astral levels. E.g. fear, self-pity, criticism, suspicion, complacency, overconfidence.


The great cosmic being that animates this planet, embodying all the Laws and all the energies governed by those laws; where everything exists what is visible and invisible. (See also: “Logos”).


Spiritual teacher


See “Spiritual Hierarchy”.


The Initiator. Or, at the first two planetary initiations, the Christ, or, in the third and higher initiations: the Lord of the World.


Illusion on the mental plane. As a result of the deluded mind, the soul gets a distorted picture of the world of phenomena.


Revelation of the soul as the triple personality under the Law of Rebirth.


Voluntary process whereby successive and graded stages of unification and reconciliation take place between the man or woman in incarnation; his / her soul and the Monad, “the spark of God.” Each stage of the initiate offers a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of God’s plan; a fuller awareness of his / her role in that Plan and an increasing ability to work consciously and intelligently towards its fulfillment.


The process by which the spirit descends into its opposite: the matter.


Eastern name for the Law of Cause and Effect. The basic law governing our existence in this solar system. All of our thoughts and actions put a cause in motion and the consequences of which determine our lives, for good or bad. In biblical terms: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” In scientific terms: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Law of Cause and Effect (Law of Karma).

See “Karma”.

Law of Rebirth

See: “Reincarnation”.


God. The cosmic being that a planet (planet logos), solar (solar logos) galaxy (galactic Logos) and so animates.

Lord of the World

See “Sanat Kumara”.


Physical manifestation of the soul; an individualized aspect of the spiritual Monad (the Self), which is a spark of the One Spirit (God).


Higher mind.


Formula or sequence of syllables, which – if correctly pronounced – put energy in motion.

Masters of Wisdom

People who have taken the fifth initiation, having gone through all the experiences of life on this planet and thereby fully achieved mastery over himself and the laws of nature. Custodians of the Plan of Evolution and all the energies entering the planet in fulfillment of the Plan.


Scientific means of contact and eventual unification is achieved with the soul. The process by which one is open to spiritual inspiration and consequently cooperation with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Mental (spiritual)

Any activity that brings more people further than indicated by its current state: his physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and social spheres.

Mental plane

The region of mind where the mental processes take place.

Mental body

Vehicle of the personality on the mental plane.

Monad (the Self)

Pure spirit that reflects the Trinity divinity:

  1. Divine Will or Power (the Father)
  2. Love – Wisdom (the Son)
  3. Active Intelligence (the Holy Spirit)

The “spark of God” that resides in every human being.

New Era (New Age)

See: ‘Aquarius’.


The hidden science of the energies that underlie the evolutionary process (eq. Esotericism).


Voluntary cooperative process in which the consciousness of a master temporarily uses the physical, emotional and mental bodies of a disciple.

Permanent atoms

Three atoms of physical, astral and mental matter around which the bodies are formed for a new incarnation. These keep the vibratory rate, which the man reached at the moment of death, that achieved evolutionary status is then retained for the next incarnation.


Threefold vehicle of the soul on the physical plane, consisting of a mental, emotional (astral) and a physical – etheric body.

Planet Logos

Divine being who inspires a planet.


A non-mental, non-astral, non-physical state somewhere between death and rebirth, where the life impulse is idle. Experience of perfect peace and unending bliss prior to the next incarnation. It corresponds to the Christian idea of heaven.


The seven streams of universal divine energy, each giving expression to a Large Life and whose interaction at any conceivable frequency creates the solar systems, galaxies and universes. Thanks to the cyclical spiral movement of these energies everything is brought in and out revelation and colored and imbued with certain qualities and aspects.

Reincarnation (Law of Rebirth)

Process by which God, through man as mediator, immerses Himself in His opposite (the matter) so the matter imbued entirely with the nature of God, record back into Himself. The Law of Karma draws us back into incarnation until gradually, through the evolutionary process we are able to express our inner divinity.

Sanat Kumara

Lord of the World. The essential expression of our Planetary Logos who dwells in Shamballa. A great Being, originally from Venus, who sacrificed himself 18.5 million years to act as the personality vehicle for the inspiring deity of our planet. The nearest aspect of God that man is able to know.


The divine spark in every person. (See also: “Monad”).


Process by which man gradually comes to the recognition and expression of his divine nature.


Largest energy center of the planet, located above the Gobi – Desert on the two highest etheric planes. From it and through it flows the Shamballa Force – the energy of Will or Purpose. It corresponds to the crown chakra of man.


Binding principle between spirit and matter, between God and his form. Provides consciousness, character and capacity to all forms disclosed. Other indications: Ego, Higher Self, inner ruler, the Christ within, Son of Mind, Solar Angel.

Solar Logos

Divine being that animates our solar system. (See also: “Logos”).


In general, esoteric terms, the Monad reflects itself as the soul. Spirit, the total of the energetic nature of man; the life force that animates us and drives us forward.

Spiritual Hierarchy

Kingdom of God, the spiritual kingdom, or the kingdom of souls, consisting of the Masters of Wisdom and the initiates of all degrees, whose goal is to implement the Plan of God. Planetary center of Love – Wisdom. Also known as the Great White Brotherhood, Society of Enlightened Souls.


Group of three people who daily align in thought for meditation.


The form in which higher beings express themselves in lower areas. The physical, astral and mental bodies for example, are the vehicles of the soul at the lower levels.


Movement of energy. All energy vibrates at a certain frequency. The process of evolution takes place by increasing the rate of vibration in response to incoming energies of higher levels.


Association of the lower and the higher nature by different techniques in order to achieve mastery over the physical, astral or mental body.