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Tan-hsia Tzu-ch’un (丹霞子淳 1064-1117), known as Master Tan – after whom this website was named – was a Chinese Zen master who pointed out that
“[…] It is tragic. People have been deluded for so long. They do not recognize that their own minds are the true Buddhas […] They want to search for the Buddha, yet they will not observe their own minds […] Since this Buddha-nature exists in your body right now, why do you vainly search for it outside?”[1]Quote of Master Tan-hsia Tzu-ch’un (cited by Master Chinul): Buswell Jr.,R., The Collected Works of Chinul, The Korean Approach to Zen, p.140-141
One of the key words of this website is Glamour (delusion). By thinking about our own delusions we understand the nature of our consciousness. The theoretical basis here is provided by the teaching of the Seven Rays, an esoteric philosophy which was revealed by the master Djwal Khul through Alice A. Bailey in the last century.



The design of our website shows the orange and the onion as symbols of glamour or delusions..

What the TanAcademy does?

The TanAcademy aims to promote awareness by means of a new way of thinking. Central to this is the study of the Composition of Man and Glamour, a World Problem, based on the New (esoteric) Psychology of Alice Bailey.

Sevenfold construction

The structure of this website is sevenfold. This is not without reason. A starting point is in fact that the sevenfold reality exists in many forms. There are seven different menu items, which can be found on the blue menu bar at the top. Each menu item is represented by a symbol on the homepage. By clicking on the image the related part will open. As a kind of introduction, here is a brief summary and explanation for each menu item.


The TanAcademy

The page you are now on provides an explanation of the name TanAcademy. If you want to get in touch with us about any of the topics discussed, you will find at the end of this page the means for contacting us.

Samenstelling van de Mens

The Constitution of Man

On this page you will find an explanation of the evolution of consciousness, how man is composed and his place in the cosmos. These topics include a reference to diagrams and tables. An explanation of some commonly used terms and notes from earlier lectures connected to this topic are also included. Read more…

De Zeven Stralen

The Seven Rays

A large part of the work of Alice Bailey is dedicated to the Seven Rays. This page offers an introduction to this subject with the main characteristics of each ray. A reference to the book The Seven Rays by Michal J. Eastcott, that introduces in an intelligible way the quite difficult and comprehensive theory of Alice Bailey. Further illustrated are the various tables of the effect of the rays on daily life. Read more…



Glamours or delusions are the biggest obstacles to the expression of the soul. They come to us in the form of supposed truths. On this page an introduction to The World Glamour and texts of a number of lectures on this subject are provided. A reference to the booklet Glamour, a World Problem by Michal J. Eastcott is presented as material to be studied. Read more…


Look and Listen!

Visual and sounding Art was and is a preferred means of non-verbal communication. The unspeakable is often expressed through images and sounds. This section of the site attention is given to the effect of paintings and music on our consciousness. Read more…

Stof tot Nadenken

Food for Thought

A page of personal considerations and views in addition to links to related areas in the field of psychology, philosophy and science. Again, included are the summarized text of a number of lectures. On the right side is a place set aside for a blog, where posts, comments, questions, etc. can be posted. Read more…



Anyone who wants to further study or consult the sources that were the starting point for us in the making of this website can be served here. Under Sources you will find the full texts of the books of Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky. Further attention to the work of the Arcane School and the Theosophical Society. A booklet entitled Entering Aquarius by Michal J. Eastcott provides insight into the future and is a simplified and accessible introduction to the books of Alice Bailey. Read more…

For the explanation of the five centers click on the images.







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Regarding translations of this website we are currently looking for translators (preferably native-speaking and voluntary) in German / Italian / Spanish in order to be able to make this work internationally known.


1 Quote of Master Tan-hsia Tzu-ch’un (cited by Master Chinul): Buswell Jr.,R., The Collected Works of Chinul, The Korean Approach to Zen, p.140-141