New Psychology

The most eye-catching feature of the upcoming Age of Aquarius is of the psychological kind. From our point of view there will be a New Psychology in great demand that emanates from the recognition of the soul as a principle.

We distinguish three main schools of thought: Introspectionism, Behaviorism and Vitalism. These three movements depend on each other and from the merging of them a fourth one will arise. Realized on a larger scale this will result in the Esoteric or New Psychology, because of the fusion of the East (the mystical path) and the West (the scientific way of occultism in the sense of what is hidden).

What’s New

There are many schools that promote spiritual development. The difference with other currents can be described best as:

The recognition of the soul and the personality with a physical, astral / emotional and mental body, these being vehicles of the (invisible) soul, the original human source of our existence.

The New Psychology / Philosophy aims to work in and with the energies of the soul and the forces of the personality. It represents the evolution of consciousness. Everyone recognizes in himself in a certain way the positive and negative qualities that the seven energies / rays (of which more later) display.


  • Everything is energy
  • There are seven basic energies
  • The law of cause and effect
  • The law of rebirth

The principles of this psychology need not to be accepted as a fact, but one may keep an open heart and mind to new information. Only ones’ own research and the resulting intuitive development can confirm the accuracy of them.


That energies also can be colors has been known, but seeing them as an expression of character traits will give little recognition for most people. The concept of glamour or delusions, which are regarded as negative traits, will not lead immediately to the connection with the veiling of our soul. Every human being has to deal with illusions because they are part of the physical existence and part of the evolution of consciousness.

By examining illusions in relation to the seven rays/energies, one learns to recognize his motives. These motives that govern man are usually unconscious. One can learn to identify these motives and bring into relation with daily actions. The mind (common sense) is then actively used. The emotional, often subconscious layer, thereby gradually becomes visible and can be converted actively into a conscious act.