Further study.

Anyone who wants to further their study or consult the sources that were the starting point for us in the making of this website can find here in depth information under Sources.Here you will find the full text of the books of Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky.

These books are freely accessible online through the Lucis Trust website (Alice Bailey books) and the Theosophical Society website (Blavatsky).

In addition, these works, of course, can also be ordered in hard copy. On the websites mentioned the possibilities for buying them are given.

In addition to these sources the Arcane School created by Alice Bailey provides study opportunities that are intensified with Meditations for those who wish to familiarize themselves and come closer to “… the practice of the spiritual principles and values ​​upon which a society can be based on a stable and interdependent world.” Activities are offered such as Triangle Work and annual Conferences around Pentecost.

The objectives of the Theosophical Society are extensively described on its website.

You will also find here a reference to “Entering Aquarius” by Michal J. Eastcott and Nancy Magor, which is based on the books of Alice Bailey. It may be more accessible than the written A.A.B. books and therefore suitable for those first acquainted with this matter. The booklet Entering Aquarius is available at the website of Sundial House.

Additional subjects that are worth studying to intensify the treatises on the Five Cities – Five World Chakras and Autism from esoteric perspective are written by Leoni Hodgson.

A glossary of the most common “foreign” words and their meaning in the context of this website makes the whole complete.