The journey from the Monad / Soul through the cosmic physical plane.


The constitution of Solar and Man schematically shown as follows: (click to enlarge – opens a new page)

The print version (left picture: The 7 planes of the Solar System) from which the Human Constitution (right picture) is derived, is too big to display here. Both pictures can be opened by clicking on them. In order to conceive the following this detailed picture is necessary. It might be advisable to make a print of this scheme for reading the following text.


  • Everything is energy.
  • There are seven basic energies, the so-called Rays
  • The Law of Cause and Effect (Action vs. Reaction)
  • The Law of Rebirth


For us to form a picture of which we speak, definitions of some concepts are necessary.

Divine: The undifferentiated – Divine area – 1st ray. (Explanation of the rays)

Monad, Spirit, the One Life, Energy: the indefinable cause; the emanating energy; one life and one source of BEING; the total of all forces of all states of consciousness, of all forms, the Self (the soul) and the non-self (the personality).

At the Monadic area is the Trinity: the Divine Will – 1st ray, Love-Wisdom – 2nd ray and Activity of Intelligence – 3rd ray. These Three are called the Father – Mother – Son. (Explanation of the rays)

Spirit and energy are synonymous terms and mostly interchangeable.

Soul: The soul is perfect in its own field, but becomes aware of the Self through learning processes on the earth; the observing being is brought forth by Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter; the mediator between the monad and the personality. Soul is neither spirit nor substance but the connection between these two; He resides in the brain (pineal gland) and is only discovered and used at a later stage when the the mind is developed and activated.

Energy: This term, until now, has been used without the knowledge of what it consists of. However, one can imagine its power.
The human physical body must learn to adapt, during many lifetimes, to the vibrations in those areas where it applies to awareness. This continues until the Atmic area (super-ethereal) is reached, then one is a Master of Wisdom on the Monadic region (sub-atomic), and will make use of a light-body. All material parts are burned, i.e. all knowledge of the Cosmic physical area has been acquired and there are no more incarnations required in a physical body. A Master of Wisdom can return for service to the world / humanity by means of a body created to be used (a so called mayavirupa) or, if necessary, the last physical body.

Consciousness: The One Life (the undifferentiated – Divine area – 1st ray) reveals itself through the matter, creating a third factor that we call consciousness. (Monadic – 1st-2nd-3rd ray). This consciousness is the result of the union of spirit and matter, the soul of all things. The energy unit which we call atom or the shape of a human, a planet or solar system. (Explanation of the rays)

Which journey do we take in descending line?
As an individual soul in a group we descend from the Monadic area (sub – atomic substance) to the causal body (the Higher mental – gaseous).
This is the repository for the experiences of the soul in incarnation. The soul therefore is on the higher mental plane and consists of ether needed for the energy body and the physical body-components of the incarnated personality. All information is stored in three permanent atoms. I.e. Past, present and future, who embody the karma of the physical, astral and mental bodies. In the transition (death) lessons learned are stored in the permanent atoms of the causal body. So nothing is lost from the lessons learned. With each new incarnation the Lord of Karma will determine which rays/energies are needed to learn new lessons. Thus one will descend to the physical plane for incarnation (the cosmic fixed) with the awareness on one of the sub-regions of the astral, mental, Buddhic or Atmic area.

Which journey do we take in ascending line?
Prior to the incarnation, we start the descent from the causal body. The new body is created by building this from top to bottom.

At birth, the baby is like a vacuum in the etheric body, a movable balloon. The first cry really means that the etheric body is completely wrapping round the child, finally as a kind of wetsuit around the physical body. The term – life – is esoterically meant to be the energy body. Apparently it is not the birth of the physical body itself, causing pain (so much for the mother of course), it seems to be the experience of the permanently establishing of the etheric body around the physical body, which is felt as a kind of explosion, hence the child’s cry (as described in Cosmic Fire).

The etheric body is the principle or the blueprint of the physical body and not the physical body itself which is the result of the functioning of the etheric body. Most diseases arise also in the etheric body, as a result of the conflict between the incoming higher energy and the existing gross matter of the physical body. It is called fire by friction.

The heart is the link with the life force and when the heart stops, the life thread with the etheric body is broken. This body will be dissolved and dispersed in the etheric field. Consciousness is connected by the thread of consciousness in the head (pineal gland). After breaking of this thread the soul and at first the astral/mental body remain present. So organ donations are associated with the urgent question whether this is the right way, however altruistically intended by the giver. Additionally, the recipient receives a piece of karma of the giver. And if one should be happy with that is the question. The overvaluation of physical existence is primarily determined by fear of death or by the desire for a life without suffering, the formable human. That raises questions like: why do we suffer? Could there be a reason?

We continue our upward journey
After birth begins the process of going to school. The personality learns to climb the stairs to discern his delusions, while the soul descends as the obstacles have been overcome. This meeting is called initiation and thus the activity of the soul is becoming more integrated into the personality and the personality becomes ultimately soul-infused.

Depending on the point of evolution (consciousness) which has been achieved in the previous incarnation, the first 28 years will be as a kind of repetition of what has been learned, experienced again. It’s also new again, because one does not remember previous incarnations generally. People and events from other incarnations that usually play a role, often in a different formation, for example, within a family. The mother or girlfriend of the time, can now be your brother or father. Karmically one has to work out something with this soul or perpetuate again a bond of love.

After the 28th year of life (mean) one can start a new phase. In case there takes a change in life place between 35 and 45 years, then a next stage of learning will be entered. A stage that may involve an entirely different field, another study, new partner, loss of loved ones or family, etc.

It is argued that, at the beginning of his incarnation, one gets three missions. This means not events, although these serve as a trigger for the learning process, but they are the result of the glamour of one or more rays.
Examples of delusions: arrogance and manipulation (both 3rd ray), property (including children), jealousy, power, money, but also adoration of a person or devotion to an idea or ideology, etc.

All these are not punitive; in this sense, someone is not bad because illusions are part of being human. One might object: are there no bad people? Yes, there are, but from the soul’s perspective everybody is good. The ability to express as much as possible of the soul’s quality is acquired only after many learning processes and through many, many incarnations.

The esoteric psychology offers the opportunity to gain more insight into our own development, that we are determined by, to reach a better world, where hatred, resentment, money and power can gradually disappear.

The Pakistani girl Malala said it on TV so aptly: education, education, education is the key to change.